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Privacy Notice

We, dedicated to protecting your privacy. When shopping and use your subsidiary, you agree to your personal information for various purposes, as described below.

Data protection
We may collect a lot of information to respond to your order and keep the details of the note on our website. We can send you your name, address and contact information to third parties for delivery (eg our courier company or service provider). We may also share your information with our franchisee. You further agree to let this information sell your product directly or indirectly. But without your permission, your name, address, e-mail address, credit card information or personal information to a third party, we will not rent or sell, unless it is provided by law or legal obligations or legal information provided by the client The

Provide you with personal information to collect data to fulfill our commitment to provide you with the services you expect, and you agree to provide us with. This will include the delivery of delivery status, telephone / e-mail notification, new service or marketing plan. If you have a problem with your project delivery, we will use this information to contact you. We can also use your information management website to charge your payment so that you can use part of the site, the site does not find any fraud or abuse, or submit your website information related to the product if we have a problem. You are managed through our payment gateway security payment business through this website. As long as necessary, we keep your personal information to fulfill our business or as long as our legal requirements.

We may share non-personal non-personal statistics or statistics in our overall form with our marketing partners, advertisers, or other external search and advertising purposes. In other words, we will not provide you with information on specific products, but we can tell them how many customers buy goods and services. If you buy our store or subscribe to our newsletter, we sometimes update your website via email and our features or programs. If you enter one of our games or more, we can also contact you.

Tips can help you protect your privacy online

Do not put your password on anyone's online. Do not leave your billing information for easy purchase. Set your password length to six characters. Create a password, including a combination of numbers and letters. If you love online fraud and give your password, please change your password immediately. You can enter "My Account" and change the user information. Upon completion,, do not leave the site. The only way to exit the site is to close the window.

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